Client comments

When we are at the crib we feel a number of things about ourselves:

  • Our shoulders slump in relaxation and our pace slows
  • We don't feel as though we have to 'do' the city routine, but become more spontaneous, driven by the weather and family and friends that are present
  • We don't actually have to 'do' anything
  • We enjoy that anticipation of the walk to the Estuary or the Ocean beaches to swim, surf, sail or fish

Feelings about our house are:

  • We like the informality of the common big room
  • The window seats just draw us to lie on them
  • We like to live outside following the sun around the outside decks
  • The outside fireplace is a great place to cook and eat together amongst the dramatic sunsets over the Estuary
  • Our family and guests have the privacy of their own bunks and rooms
  • We love the bridge to the top balcony as it reminds us of our climbing and tramping exploits

The best things:

  • It is a private little bolt hole from our city rigours
  • It is so very easy to entertain family and guests there

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