Client comments

  • The Turangi house mainly makes me feel content and peaceful
  • I feel in tune with the seasons which we can see through the windows and hear in the rain on the roof
  • When I go there I just want to do the things that go with the season: pick blackberries and swim in the river in late summer, look for mushrooms and chestnuts in autumn, fish and ski in the winter months, river raft in the spring and so on
  • Because it has just the necessaries, I feel very content to be living in a small dwelling, and I feel I don’t need any other luxuries
  • In fact returning to our larger house in Auckland just makes me want to be back there again
  • The main thing that never fails to get me is walking in to the kitchen and living room with its high ceiling, and seeing the strong muscular trunks of the copper beech trees through the high windows silhouetted against the sky
  • We have sometimes wondered whether this double height room was too much (a lot of space for the wood burner to heat), but it really could not be any other way without losing that view that we love, up into the tops of the trees
  • We had a friend who spent a week there in 2013 writing the final part of her PhD Thesis. She said that her supervisor had asked if there had been something different about where she was when she wrote that final section. A very apparent sense of peace and contentment had found its way through on to her written words

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