Pyatt Cres House

Client comments

Andy and Gill:

  • "we dont need to go on holiday anymore because when we are at home we feel like we are in a 5 star hotel"
  • Andy and I frequently say to each other as we have a lovely family moment playing with or watching the children in the garden "this is why we built this house!"


  • "I am living my dream here"


  • "I never thought I would have the nerve to do something like this, as I am generally change averse, however I am so glad we did. I would be so cross if we had let this opportunity go by and somebody else was now living in 'our spot'. I feel so contented as the house reflects who we are and allows us to live as we wish as a family"

Cameron (4):

  • "I love this house because it has such a big deck to run around on - can we never leave this house because it is so cool"

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